# Axis TCPMon plugin for IntelliJ
Published on 12 July 2018

TCPMon is a good TCP/IP tool to intercept the traffic that is being passed and shows the payload of the traffic. Sometimes when you are passing a cookie, or some other meta data you want to be sure if everything is being passed correctly. The tool also allows to simulate a slow connection. Which is ideal to reproduce timeout and/or performance issues.

TCPMon is not supported anymore but it is still one of the most populair tools out here. If you have a better alternative, feel free to mention them.

You can install TCPMon in IntelliJ as a plugin and it will appear in your toolbar.


  1. Configure the port you want to listen
  2. Configure the target hostname and url
  3. Click Add

Now when you make requests to port 8081, it will redirect to You will see the following output