# Windows: the input device is not a TTY
Published on 04 November 2018

Docker runs well on Linux, but in Windows 10 it will run inside a Hyper-V container. So sometimes when you try to do Docker things, it can have it's side effects on Windows.

I tried to run a Docker container on Windows using the Git Bash terminal and it gave me this error:

$ docker run -it debian:jessie
the input device is not a TTY.  If you are using mintty, try prefixing the command with 'winpty'

Note that this is not a specific Docker problem but about the Terminal emulator.

Just like suggested, if you would prefix the command with 'winpty', then the command will execute properly:

$ winpty docker run -it debian:jessie

So what's the problem then?

It's all about theWindows  terminal emulator you selected during the installation of Git.

Just select the MinTTY terminal. Keep in mind that the MinTTY terminal emulator is not compatible with Windows console programs. Although you could use cmd or Powershell for Windows console programs.